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The right gravel driveway rocks will make a difference. Not only will it help with giving your property a specific look, but it can also give you the right alternative to a cement or asphalt driveway. When you want to create a gravel driveway, you need the right rocks for your property

Some gravel driveway rocks look better than others. The right size will also help to ensure you get what you’re after. Most gravel driveways provide multiple layers of different sizes of gravel rocks. You will need to build the driveway in the right way to allow water to naturally drain, as well.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer all types of gravel driveway rocks. Our team knows how to help you choose the best stone for your specific project. We offer gravel driveway rocks at both our Brentwood and our Riverhead locations. Check out all our gravel driveway rocks in person today!

Choosing the Right Gravel Driveway Rocks

Since a gravel driveway will include multiple layers of different sizes of gravel, you will need the right options for each later. A mechanical tamper will be used to put down each layer before another is put down. Each later will also serve a specific purpose, such as strength, draining, or degree of compaction.

Right Size for the Base Layer

The base layer of your gravel driveway needs to provide strength while allowing water to properly drain. Usually, a #1 angular gravel is used, which is about the size of a baseball or about four inches in diameter. It’s not a good idea to use ground gravel because it won’t’ bind together properly.

Vehicle weight will also cause ground gravel to move too easily. Angular gravel is created from a rock-crushing machine specifically for construction. It provides flat surfaces on each piece and will interlock for a very durable driveway.

Right Size for the Middle Layer

The middle layer of your gravel driveway rocks should be #4 angular gravel. This is about the same size as a golf ball.

It will be about a four-inch layer and will provide smaller gravel to fit well within the bottom layer or the foundation of the larger gravel. With this middle layer, you get a very solid base for your driveway.

Right Size for the Top Layer

The top later of your gravel should be #57 angular gravel, which is about the size of a nickel. It’s smaller than the gravel in the middle, which means it will sit well at the top later. It will also contain rock dust, which helps the pieces adhere to each other very well.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer several types of gravel perfect for your driveway. Our gravel driveway rock comes in a variety of options in sizes, such as three-quarter inch and three-eighth inch.

Pros & Cons of a Gravel Driveway

A gravel driveway offers a popular option for many types of properties, especially in rural areas. It’s a lower-cost solution compared to asphalt or concrete and very easy to maintain. If you’re considering a gravel driveway for your property, a closer look at the pros and cons will help you make the right choice.


  • Low-Cost Solution
  • Very Easy to Maintain
  • Drains Quite Well
  • Easily Replenished
  • Makes Fixing Potholes Easier
  • Compacts Well


  • The Gravel can Wash Away
  • Isn’t a Premium Driveway Material
  • Weeds May Grow in the Gravel
  • Difficult When Plowing Stones
  • Hard to Clean
  • May Develop Potholes Often

While there are some cons to creating a gravel driveway, there are also plenty of benefits. In some cases, the pros will outweigh the cons and you will prefer using gravel driveway rocks over concrete or asphalt.

Who Should Choose a Gravel Driveway?

Gravel driveways work best for those in rural areas, but may also work in some urban areas. It’s best to have a buffer area around the gravel driveway to help capture any stray pieces of gravel.

Those with lots of large tree roots or a property that might be prone to movement can also benefit from a gravel driveway. This type of driveway is very flexible, which can be very accommodating for this type of property.

Larger properties often use gravel driveway rocks instead of asphalt or concrete, too. It’s very cost-effective, which works well for larger properties.

How Long Will a Gravel Driveway Last?

It’s common for property owners to use gravel driveway rocks because they last for up to 100 years. Gravel can also be replenished pretty easily if some washes away. The repairs to this type of driveway are very cost-effective compared to asphalt and concrete.

Gravel is also less likely to be damaged by the freeze-thaw cycles in the New York City and Long Island area. This cycle can cause cracking and settling with asphalt and concrete, which you won’t deal with when creating a gravel driveway.

What is the Cost of a Gravel Driveway?

Of course, the cost to install a gravel driveway will depend on the size and the rocks you choose. However, the average range will run from about $1 to more than $3 per square foot. Even if you choose high-end gravel driveway rocks, it’s still less expensive to create a gravel driveway compared to other materials.

The actual cost will depend on the size of the stone, how far it must travel, and which gravel driveway rocks you choose.

Gravel Driveway Rocks We Offer

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer the gravel driveway rocks you need to create the perfect gravel driveway. We have crushed bluestone gravel, pea gravel, red crushed gravel, bulk RCA commercial gravel, and white gravel to choose from. All of these options offer a different look for your specific needs.

When you want to get the right gravel driveway rocks for your property, we can help. Our team is one of the best in the New York City area and we know how to help you get just what you need. Stop by our Brentwood or Riverhead locations today to check out the gravel driveway rocks we offer.



9 Brothers Building Supply is your source for gravels and crushed stone needed to create a gravel driveway of your dreams. A great alternative to traditional asphalt or cement driveways; gravel adds texture and style along with natural water drainage. Gravel driveways usually consist of multiple layers of different sized gravels and we supply all of them in different colors to fit your project needs. Homeowners and contractor alike – stop in at either our Brentwood location or Riverhead location to see our products in person and let us help you make your dream project become reality!

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Crushed stone can be used as a base layer (smaller diameter stones) and middle layer (larger diameter stones) for your driveway.

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Pea gravel is popular and stylish top layer for gravel driveways

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